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Homemade deli products produced in the Boland and enjoyed in homes all over South Africa. 

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Cakes made to order for special occasions from Weddings to Birthdays.

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Our History

In 2012 to honour our mother, Emma Sophia Dreyer, Pikkels started Soefija's. Deli products made from generations of recipes and secrets, passed down from mother to daughter. 

Why Soefija's and not Sophia, or even Soefyja you might wonder?

First came Emma Soefyja Coetzee, spelt the old Afrikaans way. Next was her granddaughter and our mother Emma Sophia Dreyer. Our grandfather Bokkie didn't think it possible to spell Sophia any other way, much to our grandmother Thelma's surprise upon inspecting her new-born's birth certificate. Lastly came Soefija's - the final in a long line of misspellings and miss-communications. According to numerous rumours told from one sibling to another - it just sounded cool.


Locally produced

From the land to your table, every step of Soefija's products follows a path that savours all of nature's goodness.  All ingredients are produced by hand in the Boland region of South Africa. 


Naturally enjoyed

 Staple products for any kitchen that is made to enjoy with your favourite recipes and give new life your classic cheeseplate. 



Events coming soon...


Events coming soon...

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